Summer Maintenance for Septic Tanks

Summer Maintenance for Septic Tanks


Septic tank maintenance is crucial at all times of the year, whether it’s pouring with rain or unseasonably sunny. However, the different seasons bring different issues with them, and dealing with these problems is key to maintaining the safe functionality of your septic tank. In this article, we’re going to look at how to look after your septic tank in the summer months.


Check your water usage


We use more water in summer, whether that’s from bathing or showering, drinking more water to stay hydrated, or hosting parties and barbecues and catering for our guests. More water usage means more work for your septic tank, which in turn brings the risk of undue stress on the system. This can result in a variety of problems, some of which can be unpleasant to experience and very expensive to rectify.


Careful planting


Summertime brings out the budding horticulturalist in us; the grand plans we have for our garden can finally be brought to life. However, landscaping needs to be carefully planned in order to avoid damaging a septic tank, whilst allowing the tanker access. Root ingress can occur, whereby roots grow through the pipes causing serious damage, and plants that are planted near the septic tank are at risk of contamination from the waste.


Parking restrictions


Believe it or not, parking over your septic tank can cause problems. While you might not often park on your lawn, if you’re having a party and there’s limited space, some people might allow guests to park on the grass. However, leaving heavy things like cars on a drain field can cause the soil to compact, which means it won’t be able to treat the wastewater. Ultimately, this can result in your drain field failing and groundwater becoming contaminated. 


Prepare for winter


While it seems premature to think about winter in the summer months, it can help to be prepared. It is recommended that a septic tank is pumped every 12 months, and if your tank is due to be pumped this year and you haven’t already, it’s better to do it in warmer weather. When winter comes, the wet ground makes accessing the tank much more difficult, so it pays to call the professionals in ahead of time. 


Taking care of your septic tank in the summer can save you money, hassle, and some serious health risks. All it requires is a little extra thought – no great effort or upheaval – and you can avoid all manner of negative consequences. 


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