Liquid Waste Disposal Methods

No matter what type of waste is generated on your premises, disposing of it correctly is of paramount importance for a number of reasons. The most prominent and obvious is hygiene, but incorrect disposal of waste can lead to safety issues, harm to wildlife and the environment, as well as prosecution for not obeying relevant guidelines. Liquid waste is subject to such guidelines, too.

You need to classify each type of waste to give it an industry standard classification. The classification:

  • a. Must be worked out before the waste is moved, disposed of, or recovered
  • b. Must be included on waste documents and records
  • c. Determines the controls that apply to movement of the waste

It is needed to identify a suitably authorised waste management disposal site.

As an upper tier waste carrier and dealer, licensed by the Environment Agency, Cammack & Wilcox Ltd can help you assess waste to:

  1. Check if the waste needs to be classified
  2. Identify the code or codes that may apply to the waste
  3. Identify the assessment needed to select the correct code
  4. Take steps to assess the waste by determining the chemical composition of the waste
  5. Identify if the substances in the waste are ’hazardous substances’ or ’Persistent Organic Pollutants’
  6. Assess the hazardous properties of the waste
  7. Assign the classification code and describe the classification code

You need to ensure the material is waste, and needs to be classified.

Nearly all household, commercial and industrial wastes do need to be classified. This includes waste from domestic households.

The material does not need to be classified if it’s either:

  • a. Not waste, or
  • b. Waste that is excluded from classification

Disposing of liquid waste

While it is possible for you to dispose of your own liquid waste yourself (providing you are a licensed carrier), it is preferable to seek the help of a licensed, qualified waste management company to deal with it for you. These companies, like the professionals at Cammack & Wilcox, are experts in dealing with various types of waste, and they have the equipment, skill and experience to ensure liquid waste is transported and disposed of safely.

Cammack & Wilcox are one of the UK’s leading providers of liquid waste management and disposal services. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve developed our services to ensure we deliver the highest standard of work and results for each and every customer. To find out more, please feel free to get in touch with us today.